The owners and occupiers of Cascade Cohousing share a vision for experience through community whilst encouraging respectful freedom of expression. Our vision is expressed through a sense of community, a sense of place, and a sense of continuity.

Our sense of community is expressed
  • through the design of the cohousing facilities which offer the choice between private and common space. This allows individuals to obtain privacy and peace as well as social interaction
  • through the design of the cohousing facility with the common house as its central focus; and by common design elements, including colours and materials
  • by the separation of vehicles from pedestrian areas which facilitates social interaction and the comfort and safety of residents and visitors
  • in the way owners and occupiers socialise and support and encourage others whilst sharing resources and facilities and participating in the many facets of life, both in leisure and in work
  • by owners and occupiers sharing the understanding that being considerate and cooperative with each other will help to engender harmony, happiness and a strong and vibrant community
  • by recognising that shared enjoyment of common meals and shared labour are major contributors to community interaction and integral to the cohousing vision
  • by reaching community decisions through consensus, both formally and informally, with voting as a means of last resort
Our sense of place and continuity is expressed by
  • residents’ care and respect for common resources and facilities and the broader environment
  • the recognition of the importance of future needs for the continued health and well-being of people and place as well as other species
  • the support and encouragement of native flora and fauna on the site; the creation and management of appropriate habitats; and the minimisation of factors which may be detrimental to the well-being of native flora and fauna